Onboarding tips (tools, books, ...)

This page is more of a personal “map” for me to take note and revisit tools that I sometimes need to reinstall in new machines I use for work (both at home or in the workplace). It usually helps me quickly setup and prepare for new monster projects when I’m in Tester-Commando mode.

Feel free to have a look! Or also suggest something new.


Useful browser extensions: uBlock origin, https everywhere, Open multiple urls, ModHeader, noscript

Sublime packages:

"Babel", "BlameHighlighter", "Color Highlighter", "Cucumber",
"Cucumber Completion", "Cucumber Step Finder", "Dockerfile Syntax Highlighting",
"Gherkin (Cucumber) Formatter", "Git", "Handlebars", "JsFormat", "JSHint",
"LoremIpsum", "Package Control", "PackageResourceViewer", "Pretty JSON",
"Swift", "SyncedSideBar", "TrailingSpaces", "TypeScript", "TypeScript Syntax",

Interesting books I recommend:

This is a list of books I enjoyed reading and would recommend to any fellow developer or tester. I personally think they’re awesome.

Also check out my librarything and goodreads profiles.