Onboarding tips (tools, books, ...)

This page is more of a personal “map” for me to take note and revisit tools that I sometimes need to reinstall in new machines I use for work (both at home or in the workplace). It usually helps me quickly setup and prepare for new monster projects when I’m in Tester-Commando mode.

Feel free to have a look! Or also suggest something new.


Useful browser extensions: uBlock origin, https everywhere, Open multiple urls, ModHeader, noscript

Sublime packages:

"Babel","BlameHighlighter","BracketHighlighter","Color Highlighter",
"Cucumber Completion","Cucumber Step Finder","Cucumber","Dockerfile Syntax Highlighting","FileDiffs",
"Gherkin (Cucumber) Formatter","Git","Handlebars","JsFormat","Kotlin",
"LoremIpsum","Merge Windows","Multi Select Alphabetizer","Package Control",
"Swift","SyncedSideBar","TrailingSpaces","TypeScript Syntax"

Interesting books I recommend:

This is a list of books I enjoyed reading and would recommend to any fellow developer or tester. I personally think they’re awesome.

Also check out my librarything and goodreads profiles.